Detailed Concept for the Next Phases of Implementation of HIA in Austria

The detailed concept includes an actualisation of the existing planning (originally till 2021) and an extension of the time frame till 2025. It is based on the concept for establishing HIA in Austria and a reflection carried out in 2015 and describes four phases of implementation. In these phases, particular strategies and areas of action were produced in using the five key areas of a capacity building model.


Reflection on Phase 1 (awareness) of the HIA Implementation Concept Austria

At the end of phase 1 (awareness) in 2015, the Austrian HIA Support Unit (situated at GÖG / ÖBIG) performed a reflection on activities and goals that are described in the Concept for Implementation of HIA in Austria for phase 1. A group work for this reflection was done in a meeting of the national HIA network in autumn 2015 and various minutes of the HIA steering group were included. The internal reflection work was done in the team of the HIA Support Unit considering inputs of the Federal Ministry of Health and Women’s Affairs.


HIA Implementation Concept for Austria

The Ministry of Health commissioned Gesundheit Österreich (GÖG) to work out an HIA Implementation Concept for Austria in 2009. It contains general descriptions of HIA, the theoretical foundation regarding the concepts Health in All Policies, health promotion and health inequalities but also the description of goals, benefits, effectivity and results of an international country-analysis. The Implementation Concept focuses on the specific initial situation in Austria and results from experts’ interviews.