Here are some links to selected HIA websites of international organisations and HIA support units of various countries.

WHO website of HIA / HIA Guidelines
The World Health Organisation (WHO) website provides a general description of HIA, international guides, tools, examples of HIA and systematic reviews on the evidence of HIA. The website also includes a list of HIA Collaborating Centres.
International Health Impact Assessment Consortium (IMPACT)
The International Health Impact Assessment Consortium (IMPACT) is a WHO Collaborating Centre in Liverpool and maintains a homepage with information about consulting and training opportunities and research related to HIA.
International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA)
The Internationale Association für Impact Assessment (IAIA) focuses on a number of different forms of Impact Assessments (especially Environmental Impact Assessment) and provides information through the network on various IAIA presentations, events, training opportunities and publications.
International HIA Blog
The international HIA Blog offers a comprehensive collection of links related to HIA and provides the latest news related to HIA.
Swiss Platform for Health Impact Assessment
The Swiss platform is linked to German-language HIA guidelines and examples of HIA in practice.
HIA Gateway (United Kingdom)
HIA Gateway includes a comprehensive databank of completed HIAs (with the majority from England, Ireland and Wales), as well as guides and evidence related to HIA and a “Quick Guide” to HIA.
HIA Connect (Australia)
This website was created as part of an extensive HIA project in New South Wales and includes comprehensive information for HIA practitioners, in particular many reports on completed HIAs from Australia and New Zealand.
HIA Support Unit (New Zealand)
The website of New Zealand’s HIA Support Unit provides information about completed HIAs in New Zealand. (Potential) HIA practitioners can read about their “Learning by Doing Fund”.
Dr. Martin Sprenger (Austria)
Dr. Sprenger is a public health expert in Austria. His work in public health in Austria includes work with HIA and his own website on HIA. Dr. Sprenger also offers training in HIA.