Health Impact Assessment

Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is an instrument to improve cooperation between various policy areas to improve population health. HIA is an essential tool for implementing “Health in all Policies“(HiAP) in practice.

The health consequences of proposed policies can be more accurately predicted using HIA, and the recommendations determined through the HIA process can be used as a basis to maximise the positive health effects while minimising the negative.

HIA plays an important part in the realisation and implementation of the concept of „HiAP”.

HIA Logo
Figure: Positioning HIA in relation to Health in All Policies, health promotion and health inequalities.
Source: GÖG/ÖBIG

The Austrian Federal Ministry of Health commissioned Gesundheit Österreich to develop this website on HIA. In addition to introductory information, materials available for download include HIA reports, information related to national and international experiences with HIAand guidelines and tools. The website includes a description of the starting point of the history of HIA in Austria as well as links to HIA-relevant institutions. Also, the current HIANet–Austria-Newsletter is available on this website.